Our Mission

Building the Circular Economy

Our founding partners have over 75 years of experience in the waste and energy sectors. We are driving the transition from a linear economy to a sustainable circular economy.


We capture biomethane emissions that are 25 times s more powerful than carbon dioxide


We turn the biomethane into renewable energy and sustainable bioproducts


We are developing and acquiring a diverse portfolio of biomethane operations in key markets


Biomethane Basics

Naturally occurring emissions of methane are caused by bacteria that digest organic matter. This "biomethane" comes from sources such as manure, sewage, food waste and other organic wastes. Instead of letting biomethane escape into the atmosphere, we can capture and recycle it as renewable energy.


Recycling Biomethane

Biomethane is different from fossil fuels. Biomethane comes from fresh organic matter that is not extracted from deep drilling of oil and gas wells or hydraulic fracturing. Biomethane is simply the product of naturally occurring microorganisms that eat organic waste like manure, discarded food or disposed household materials. The microorganisms produce waste gas that contains biomethane. This offers an opportunity to capture and recycle this naturally occurring waste gas before it is emitted to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.


Making a Sustainable Impact

We can use biomethane to make renewable electricity, sustainably supply our household appliances, or replace everyday plastic products with biodegradable alternatives. All of this technology exists today. We can transition to a circular economy. By powering our lives in a sustainable way, we will prevent pollution, unnecessary landfill expansions and overreliance on conventional and hydraulically fractured gas wells.


Join us in building the circular economy